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PacNet #3 – Comparative Connections Summary

The January 2002 Issue of Comparative Connections is available online:


Regional Overview: U.S.-Asia Relations on the Upswing, But …
U.S.-Japan Relations: Making History the Hard Way
U.S.-China Relations: Face to Face in Shanghai: New Amity amid Perennial Differences
U.S.-Korea Relations: The Winds of War from Afghanistan Sweep the Korean Peninsula
U.S.-Russia Relations: De facto Alliance or Temporary Rapprochement?
U.S.-Southeast Asia Relations: Mixed Reactions in Southeast Asia to the U.S. War on Terrorism
China-Southeast Asia Relations: Gains for Beijing in an Otherwise Gloomy Quarter
China-Taiwan Relations: Economics is Still the Story
North Korea-South Korea Relations: On, Off, On Again?
China-Korea Relations: Keeping the Eye on the (WTO) Prize While Containing Consular Crises
Japan-China Relations: From Precipice to Promise
Japan-Korea Relations: On Track and Off Course (Again)
China-Russia Relations: Moscow and Beijing Adapt to a Different Pax Americana
Occasional Analysis: U.S.-India Relations: Visible to the Naked Eye