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PacNet #3 – Comparative Connections Summary

The January 2004 Issue of Comparative Connections is now available online:

Japan-Korea Relations: It’s the Economy (and Culture), Stupid
U.S.-Japan Relations: Mr. Koizumi’s Mandate
U.S.-China Relations: Wen Jiabao’s Visit Caps an Outstanding Year
U.S.-Korea Relations: Now You See ‘Em, Now You Don’t: Elusive Six-Party Talks
China-Southeast Asia Relations: A New Strategic Partnership is Declared
U.S.-Southeast Asia Relations: President Bush Presses Antiterror Agenda in Southeast Asia
U.S.-Russia Relations: A Chilly Fall for U.S.-Russia Relations
China-Taiwan Relations: Strains over Cross-Strait Relations
North Korea-South Korea Relations: Simulacrum or Substance?
China-Russia Relations: Living With Normalcy
U.S.-India and India-East Asia Relations: Delhi’s Two-Front Diplomacy
China-Korea Relations: No Shows, Economic Growth, and People Problems
Japan-China Relations: Cross Currents
Regional Overview: U.S.-Asia Policy: Better than it Sounds?