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PacNet #32 – Comparative Connections Summary

The July 2004 Issue of Comparative Connections is now available online:
Regional Overview: Multilateralism and Democracy March On, To Many Different Drummers
U.S.-Japan Relations: Mr. Koizumi’s Payback
U.S.-China Relations: Anxiety About Taiwan Hits New Highs
U.S.-Korea Relations: Strains in the Alliance, and the U.S. Offers a Nuclear Deal China-Southeast Asia: Smoothing the Wrinkles U.S.-Southeast Asia: Pausing for Politics
U.S.-Russia Relations: A Spring Thaw after a Freezing Winter?
China-Taiwan Relations: Deadlocked but Stable
Japan-China Relations: Not Quite All about Sovereignty – But Close
North Korea-South Korea Relations: The Real Deal?
Japan-Korea Relations: Engagement from Strength
China-Russia Relations: Geo-economics for Geo-politics
China-Korea Relations: Mr. Kim Goes to Beijing . . . and More Six-Party Talks