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PacNet #34 – Comparative Connections Summaries

The “unpredictable” North Korean regime acted all too predictably, following through on its threat to conduct a third nuclear test and increasing tensions through fiery rhetoric. Pyongyang also took steps to solidify its claim to be a nuclear weapon state, a status the rest of the world is no more willing to bestow on the Kim Jong Un regime than it was on his father’s. Meanwhile, Secretary of State Kerry underscored the US commitment to the rebalance to Asia. While in Japan, he underscored that the so-called “pivot” also has important economic and political dimensions. Fears of “death by sequestration” have also (thus far) proven to be overstated. The jury remains out on who the “real Abe” will be but Japanese Prime Minister Abe has demonstrated enough continuity with candidate Abe by reinforcing his nationalist rhetoric to make Japan’s neighbors, not to mention many in Washington, nervous.