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PacNet #38 – North Korea’s Nuclear Disclosures and the Six Party Talks

The Six-Party Talks reconvened last week in Beijing for the first time since the release of a six party joint statement issued by China on October 3, 2007 that anticipated a series of concrete measures to be completed by the end of 2007. During the hiatus, the U.S. and North Korea negotiated bilaterally over how to implement the commitments outlined in that statement to disable all nuclear facilities in North Korea, beginning with the ones at Yongbyon. Meanwhile, North Korea "reaffirmed its commitment not to transfer nuclear materials, technology, and know-how" and to make a "complete and correct" declaration of its nuclear programs in return for one million tons of heavy fuel oil or equivalent energy supplies, the improvement of U.S.-Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) political relations through removal from the U.S. terrorism list and repeal of the Trading with the Enemy Act, and the improvement of Japan-DPRK relations through implementation of the Pyongyang Declaration.