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PacNet #39 – Comparative Connections Summary

The July 2008 Issue of Comparative Connections is now available online:
Regional Overview: Action for Action, with Mixed Reaction
U.S.-Japan Relations: Looking toward Elections
U.S.-China  Relations: Chock-full of Dialogue: SED, Human Rights, and Security
U.S.-Korea Relations: What’s the Beef About?
U.S.-Russia Relations: Is It Interests or Values?
U.S.-Southeast Asia Relations: U.S. Frustrated as Burma Obstructs Cyclone Relief
China-Southeast Asia Relations: Cyclone, Earthquake Put Spotlight on China
China-Taiwan Relations:  Dialogue Resumes in Relaxed Atmosphere
North Korea-South Korea Relations: Lee Outflanked
China-Korea Relations: Establishing a “Strategic Cooperative Partnership”
Japan-China Relations: Progress in Building a Strategic Relationship
Japan-Korea Relations: Tentative Improvement through Pragmatism
China-Russia Relations: Medvedev’s Ostpolitik and Sino-Russian Relations