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PacNet #4 – Comparative Connections Summaries

  • Regional Overview: More of the Same, Times Three
  • US-Japan Relations: Tempering Expectations
  • US-China Relations:Friction and Cooperation in Run-up to Hu’s US Visit
  • US-Korea Relations:SA Tumultuous Ending of Year 2010
  • US-Southeast Asia Relations:Full Court Press
  • China-Southeast Asia Relations:China Reassures Neighbors, Wary of US Intentions
  • China-Taiwan Relations:Looking ahead to 2012
  • North Korea-South Korea Relations:Playing with Fire
  • China-Korea Relations: DPRK Provocations Test China’s Regional Role
  • Japan-China Relations:Troubled Waters: Part II
  • Japan-Korea Relations: The New Cold War in Asia?
  • China-Russia Relations:Coping with Korea
  • India-US and India-East Asia: Better Atmospherics, Similar Substance