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PacNet #4 – Comparative Connections Summary

The January 2009 issue of Comparative Connections is now available online:

Regional Overview: From Bad to Worse
U.S.-Japan Relations: Traversing a Rough Patch
U.S.-China Relations: Ties Solid for Transition, but Challenges Lurk
U.S.-Korea Relations: Obama’s Korea Inheritance
U.S.-Russia Relations: Economic Crisis brings Relative Calm to Relations
U.S.-Southeast Asia Relations: Thai Political Turmoil Impacts ASEAN
China-Southeast Asia Relations: Economic Concerns Begin to Hit Home
China-Taiwan Relations: More Progress, Stronger Headwinds
North Korea-South Korea Relations: Things Can Only Get Better?
China-Korea Relations: Sweet and Sour Aftertaste
Japan-China Relations: Gyoza, Beans, and Aircraft Carriers
Japan-Korea Relations: In a Holding Pattern with Hope on the Horizon
China-Russia Relations: Embracing a Storm and Each Other?
India-U.S. and India-East Asia: Old Narrative,New Chapters