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PacNet #40 – Comparative Connections Summary

The October 2001 Issue of Comparative Connections is available online:


Regional Overview: Ushering in the Post Post-Cold War Era
U.S.-Japan Relations: Battling the "Koizumi Syndrome"
U.S.-China Relations: Terrorist Strikes Give U.S.-China Ties a Boost
U.S.-Korea Relations: President Kim and His Sunshine Policy: Twisting in the Wind
U.S.-Russia Relations: Will Terrorism be a Salve for Bilateral Relations?
U.S.-Southeast Asia Relations: Solid in Support of the U.S. … So Far
China-Southeast Asia Relations: Developing Multilateral Cooperation
China-Taiwan Relations: Of Economics and Elections
North Korea-South Korea Relations: Back on Track?
China-Korea Relations: Navigating the Swiftly Shifting Currents
Japan-China Relations: Spiraling Downward
Japan-Korea Relations: Quicksand
China-Russia Relations: A "Nice" Treaty in a Precarious World
Europe-East Asia Relations: Building an Asia Pacific Connection