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PacNet #41 – Comparative Connections Summary

The October 2002 Issue of Comparative Connections is now available:


Regional Overview: Regime Change / Preemption Vs. Disarmament / Multilateralism: The U.S. Foreign Policy Debate Continues
U.S.-Japan Relations: An Oasis of Stability
U.S.-Korea Relations: After the Koizumi-Kim Summit, Nothing is the Same
U.S.-Russia Relations: A Trying Summer for the New Partnership
U.S.-Southeast Asia Relations: A Challenging Strategic Landscape
U.S.-China Relations: Playing up the Positive On the Eve of the Crawford Summit
China-Southeast Asia Relations: Beijing Pushes “Asia for the Asians”
China-Taiwan Relations: Chen Muddies Cross-Strait Waters
Japan-China Relations: Toward the 30th Anniversary
Japan-Korea Relations: Mr. Koizumi Goes to Pyongyang
North Korea-South Korea Relations: No Turning Back?
China-Korea Relations: Happy Tenth for PRC-ROK Relations! Celebrate While You Can, Because Tough Times are Ahead
China-Russia Relations: One Year Later: Geopolitics or Geoeconomics?