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PacNet #42 – Comparative Connections Summary

The October 2007 issue of Comparative Connections is now available online:
Regional Overview: Multilateral Progress Pending on Multiple
U.S.-Japan Relations: Fukuda Takes the Helm
U.S.-China Relations: Product Safety Plagues the Relationship
U.S.-Korea Relations: Progress, North and South
U.S.-Korea Relations: From Diplomatic Confrontation to Military Posturing
U.S.-Southeast Asia Relations: Burma Heats Up and the U.S. Blows Hot and Cold
China-Southeast Asia Relations: Myanmar Challenges China’s Successes
China-Taiwan Relations: In the Throes of Campaign Politics
North Korea-South Korea Relations: Summit Success?
China-Korea Relations: Teenage Angst: 15th Anniversary of Diplomatic Relations
Japan-China Relations: Politics in Command
Japan-Korea Relations: With a New Japanese Leader, New Opportunities?
China-Russia Relations: Between Cooperation and Competition