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PacNet #43 – Comparative Connections Summary

The October 2003 Issue of Comparative Connections is now available:


Regional Overview: Multilateral Approaches Prevail . . . For Now!
U.S.-Japan Relations: The Primacy of Politics
U.S.-Russia Relations: Energizing the Relationship
U.S.-Korea Relations: The Ups and Downs of Multilateral Diplomacy
U.S.-China Relations: The Best since 1972 or the Best Ever?
U.S.-Southeast Asia Relations: Terrorism Perpetrated and Terrorists Apprehended
China-Southeast Asia Relations: On the Inside Track
China-Taiwan Relations: Pernicious Presidential Politics
Japan-China Relations: Bridges to the Future, Reflections on the Past
North Korea-South Korea Relations: Never Mind the Nukes?
Japan-Korea Relations: What a Difference a Year Makes….
China-Russia Relations: The Russian-Chinese Oil Politik
China-Korea Relations: Middle Kingdom Diplomacy and the North Korean Nuclear Crisis