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PacNet #44 – 2024 PacNet Commentary half-year index

2024 PacNet Commentary half-year index

July 1, 2024

The comprehensive half-year index includes each PacNet commentary published from January through June 2024 below. Click here to request a PacNet subscription.

  1. India can unite the Global South with the developed world by Akhil Ramesh and Cleo Paskal
  2. Can the Pacific Islands remain “friends to all” amid US-China competition? by Moses Sakai
  3. South Korea’s military: Navigating external and internal challenges by Yerin Yoon
  4. Is Kim Jong Un preparing for war? by Robert Carlin and Siegfried S. Hecker
  5. The debacle over Ukraine aid in Congress offers painful lessons for Taiwan by David Kirichenko
  6. Comparative Connections Summary: January 2024
  7. Is North Korea undergoing a fundamental shift, or more of the same? by H.E. Thomas Schäfer
  8. Policy recommendations for Quad cooperation on submarine cable protection in the IndoPacific by Brendon J. Cannon and Dr. Pooja Bhatt
  9. Steel deal tests US commitment to real economic security by Brad Glosserman
  10. Don’t forget the “Indo” side of the Indo-Pacific: how the United States should approach the Indian Ocean Region by David Santoro
  11. Why changing ROK demographics disadvantage North Korea by James JB Park
  12. Taiwan election results show need for cooperation by Elizabeth Freund Larus
  13. Revamping Partners in the Blue Pacific Initiative by Cherry Hitkari
  14. The US can help meet Myanmar’s new governance challenges by Michael Martin
  15. Will Papua New Guinea sign a bilateral security deal with China? by Moses Sakai
  16. India, China, and the Evolving Balance in Southeast Asia by Saurabh Singh
  17. How the next Taiwan Crisis connects to Korea by Dr. Hanbyeol Sohn
  18. Joining the battle for the narrative: The case for AUKUS public diplomacy by Dr. John Hemmings, James Rogers, and Dr. Euan Graham
  19. South Korean trade and diplomacy trending away from China by Scott Snyder and See-Won Byun
  20. Counterbalancing China’s dominance in the critical mineral industry by Caleb Workman
  21. The Digital Silk Road and Chinese technonationalism in Maldives by Joshua Bowes
  22. Wither the hub and spokes system? by John Hemmings
  23. Kishida goes all-in on partnership with the US by Brad Glosserman
  24. Vietnam-Australia partnership: Beyond the upgrade by Quoc Buu Nguyen
  25. Bigger isn’t necessarily better: Making collective deterrence and defense work in the Indo-Pacific by David Santoro and Brad Glosserman
  26. Politics over strategy? Another own goal by the US by Brad Glosserman
  27. AUKUS–Is there an optimal pathway? By Rory Copinger-Symes and Piers Moore
  28. CPEC decoded—Navigating domestic conundrums and external quandaries by Irfan Ul Haq
  29. Zero-trust architecture: Taiwan’s next step for building cyber resilience by Maximilian DiGiovanni
  30. Myanmar’s widening war—Heading for the junta’s heartland by Anthony Davis
  31. Myanmar’s widening war—The bloody struggle to come by Anthony Davis
  32. Looking ahead to the PALM10: The present and future of Japan-Pacific Islands relations by Jamie Lee
  33. Comparative Connections Summary – May 2024
  34. What is holding up a Japanese-Taiwan relations act? by Bill Sharp
  35. How integrating traditional leadership will impact Pacific Islands governance and diplomacy by Henry Heritage
  36. Kim Jong Un’s new line, pt. 1: Upending past practices by Aidan Foster-Carter
  37. Kim Jong Un’s new line, pt. 2: More bark than bite? by Aidan Foster-Carter
  38. Now is no time for the US to lose its focus on Pacific Islands by Alan Tidwell
  39. Lavender’s impact: time for an arms control agreement for AI? by Manoj Harjani
  40. Japan-Korea LINE conflict is more about data sovereignty by Seunghwan (Shane) Kim
  41. Think China can already take Taiwan easily? Think again by Lieutenant Colonel Brian Kerg
  42. Deepening economic and strategic ties: The significance of Donald Lu’s visit to Bangladesh by Md Tanvir Rahman
  43. The J-Find Visa: Academia’s best are not enough to fix Japan’s demographic dilemma by Alexandra K. Scott

Photo: Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos Jr., U.S. President Joe Biden and Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida line up for a photo ahead of the first trilateral summit at the White House on April 11 by Reuters.