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PacNet #5 – Comparative Connections Summary

The January 2008 Issue of Comparative Connections is now available online:

Regional Overview: Tentative Multilateralism and Democracy in Action
U.S.-Japan Relations: Distracted Governments Make some Positive Progress
U.S.-China Relations: China Signals Irritation with U.S. Policy
U.S.-Korea Relations: North Disables Facilities, But Resists Declaration
U.S.-Russia Relations: Putin Picks a Successor
U.S.-Southeast Asia Relations: The New ASEAN Charter Bedeviled by Burma’s Impunity
China-Southeast Asia Relations: Singapore Summits, Harmony, and Challenges
China-Taiwan Relations: Beijing Keeps Its Cool
North Korea-South Korea Relations: Sunshine Deepened, only to Dim?

China-Korea Relations: Underhanded Tactics and Stolen Secrets
Japan-China Relations: Politics in Command: Part 2
Japan-Korea Relations: Lost in the Six-Party Talks
China-Russia Relations: Living with Putin’s Unfading Glory and Dream
India-Asia Pacific Relations: 2007 Annual Assessment: Consolidating Friendships and Nuclear Legitimacy