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PacNet #50 – Comparative Connections Summary

The July 2009 Issue of Comparative Connections is available online:

  • Regional Overview: Old Challenges, New Approaches
  • U.S.-Japan Relations: Coordination amid Uncertainty
  • China-Russia Relations: Summitry: Between Symbolism and Substance
  • U.S.-Russia Relations: Laying the Groundwork
  • U.S.-China Relations: Laying the Groundwork for Greater Cooperation
  • U.S.-Southeast Asia Relations: President’s Cairo Speech Resonates in Southeast Asia
  • China-Southeast Asia Relations: Ferment over the South China Sea
  • Japan-China Relations: High-level Meetings Intensify as Old Problems Simmer
  • China-Taiwan Relations: Moving Relations toward a New Level
  • Japan-Korea Relations: Pyongyang’s Belligerence Dominates
  • North Korea-South Korea Relations: So Long, Kaesong?
  • China-Korea Relations: Pyongyang Tests Beijing’s Patience
  • U.S.-Korea Relations: All North Korea, All the Time