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PacNet #51 – Comparative Connections Summary

The October 2006 Issue of Comparative Connections is now available online:
Regional Overview: Déjà Vu All Over Again with North Korea
U.S.-Japan Relations: Enter Abe Stage Right
U.S.-China Relations: Promoting Cooperation, Managing Friction
U.S.-Korea Relations: North Korea Rolls the Dice and Conducts Missile Tests
U.S.-Russia Relations: Energy and Strategy
U.S.-Southeast Asia Relations: U.S. Strengthens Ties to Southeast Asian Regionalism
China-Southeast Asia Relations: Chinese Diplomacy and Optimism about ASEAN
China-Taiwan Relations: More Small Steps
Japan-China Relations: Searching for a Summit
Japan-Korea Relations: Missiles and Prime Ministers May Mark a Turning Point
North Korea-South Korea Relations: Sunset for Sunshine
China-Russia Relations: G-8, Geoeconomics, and Growing “Talk” Fatigue
China-Korea Relations: Unrestrained Defiance
Japan-Southeast Asia Relations: Playing Catch-up with China