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PacNet #52A – Pacific Forum CSIS Update

Aloha! It has been a busy year at Pacific Forum CSIS. We hope you have enjoyed our weekly PacNet commentaries. As always, we invite readers to submit their own contributions when they have thoughts they would like to share.

While you recently received our listing of PacNet reports for 2001 (PacNet 52) and information, you may not have recently visited our Web site and seen what’s there. In addition to back issues of PacNet and our quarterly journal, Comparative Connections, there are also  reports from our conferences and dialogues with other institutions in the region. Recent reports include: 

Issues & Insights 4-01

“U.S.-Japan-China: Developing Stable Trilateral Ties,” by Jane Skanderup and Brad Glosserman

Issues & Insights 3-01

“U.S. Asia Policy: Does an Alliance-Based Strategy Still Make Sense?” by Ralph Cossa

Issues & Insights 2-01

“Confidence Building Measures in the South China Sea,” by Scott Snyder, Brad Glosserman, and Ralph Cossa

Issues & Insights 1-01

“U.S.-Japan Strategic Dialogue: Beyond the Defense Guidelines”

Comparative Connections, Special Annual Issue, June 2001

“The Perils of Progress: The U.S.-South Korea Alliance in a Changing Strategic Environment,” by Eun Jung Cahill Che and Brad Glosserman