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PacNet #68 – Comparative Connections Summary

The October 2009 Issue of Comparative Connections is available online:


  • Regional Overview: Promises Kept, for Better and for Worse
  • U.S.-Japan Relations: Interpreting Change
  • U.S.-China Relations: Strategic & Economic Dialogue Sets Agenda for Cooperation
  • U.S.-Korea Relations: Bill’s Excellent Adventure
  • U.S.-Russia Relations: Missiles of September
  • U.S.-Southeast Asia Relations: The United States Is Back!
  • China-Southeast Asia Relations: Myanmar, South China Sea Issues
  • China-Taiwan Relations: Temporarily in the Doldrums
  • North Korea-South Korea Relations: On the Mend?
  • China-Korea Relations: China’s Nuclear North Korea Fever
  • Japan-China Relations: Old Issues Greet a New Government
  • Japan-Korea Relations: Japan’s New Government: Hope and Optimism
  • China-Russia Relations: Market Malaise and Mirnaya Missiya
  • Australia-East Asia/U.S. Relations: Australia Adjusts to New Realities