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PacNet #74 – 2020 PacNet Commentary Index

The comprehensive 2020 index includes each PacNet commentary below.  Pacific Forum will continue to publish timely insight and analysis in 2021.

  1. Comparative Connections Summary: January 2020
  2. South Korea, Turkey, Ukraine: Three Front-line Nations We Can’t Let Drift Away by Kunihiko Miyake
  3. Nuclear Flexibility Necessary for North Korea’s Economic Development by Jongsoo Lee
  4. Despite Stumbles, US Engagement with ASEAN Runs Deep by Satu Limaye
  5. Hong Kong Hurts Itself By Financially Excluding Foreign Domestic Workers by Jason Hung
  6. Three Scenarios for the Quad and for ASEAN by Amanda Trea Phua
  7. A Better Regional Defense Posture for the US and its Allies by Gibum Kim
  8. Who Cares If the US is in a “New Cold War” with China? by Jacob Stokes
  9. A New Space Race? The Meaning Behind Japan’s New Plans by Lionel Fatton
  10. Why North Korean Human Rights is a Regional Security Issue by Rob York
  11. Two Tasks for Making US-ROK Troop Burden Sharing Sustainable by Thomas Byrne
  12. To Succeed in Space, the US Must Become the Partner of Choice by Thom Dixon
  13. Keep an Eye on North Korean Cyber-crime as the Covid-19 Spreads by Todd Wiesel
  14. A Special Message from Pacific Forum by Robert Girrier
  15. Covid-19 and Protests Need Not Cripple Tourism-heavy Hong Kong by Jason Hung
  16. Covid-19: As China Recovers, Will Its Economy Follow? by Stephen Nagy
  17. Modi, Trump and Strategic Convergence in the Indo-Pacific by David Scott
  18. ASEAN-US Relations: An Agenda for a Rescheduled Summit by Lucio Blanco Pitlo III
  19. Five Reasons Why Xi’s ‘Peking Model’ Will Struggle Post-Covid-19 by Jagannath Panda
  20. Pacific Forum Coverage on Covid-19 by Rob York
  21. The Philippine and Indonesian Militaries’ War On Covid-19, and What it Means for Reform by Chaula Rininta Anindya
  22. The US-Australia Alliance and Deterrence in the Pacific Islands Region by Tom Corben
  23. How ASEAN Should Respond to China’s South China Sea Tactics by Tenny Kristiana
  24. The Destruction of North Korean Agriculture: We Need to Rethink UN Sanctions by Hazel Smith
  25. China’s Eight Arguments Against Western ‘Hubris’ and Why They Fail by Denny Roy

24R. Response to PacNet #24, ‘The Destruction of North Korean Agriculture: We Need to Rethink UN Sanctions’
by James Kelly

  1. Interpreting China’s ‘Wolf-Warrior Diplomacy’ by Zhiqun Zhu
  2. Comparative Connections Summary- May 2020 Issue
  3. Taiwan Needs Media Reform to Save Its Democracy by Bill Sharp
  4. Post Covid-19, the US-China Rivalry Will Only Get Worse by Ralph Cossa
  5. South Korea’s Imperfect but Maturing Democracy by John Lee
  6. Taiwan’s Covid-19 Diplomacy and WHO Participation: Losing the Battle but Winning the War? by Wen-Ti Sung
  7. China’s Post-Covid Geopolitical ‘Either/Or by Thitinan Pongsudhirak
  8. China’s Inopportune Pandemic Assertiveness by Joel Wuthnow
  9. Covid-19: Boosting Indo-Pacific Alignment and India’s Regional Role By Amrita Jash
  10. India: The Solution to Australia’s Reliance on China? by Adil Cader
  11. Countering China’s Influence Operations: Lessons from Australia by Amy Searight
  12. How Xi Jinping Thought Gave Hong Kong its National Security Law by Jonathan Lim
  13. Why America Opposes the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI)?—A Second Look by Robert Sutter
  14. Covid-19 Recovery: Re-energizing Hawaii with Regional Insights by Eugenio Benincasa
  15. The Indo-Pacific Contest: It Could be Time for Fresh Ideas on Allied Security Cooperation by John Blaxland
  16. Opportunism and Miscalculation by Claimants in the South China Sea by Stephen Nagy
  17. China Needs Diplomats, Not Wolves by Craig Kafura
  18. First Korea, Now Australia: China’s Carrot-and-Stick Diplomacy is Not New by Tenny Kristiana
  19. Hong Kong was a Test Run for China’s ‘Wolf Warrior’ Diplomacy by Rob York
  20. Aegis Ashore and Japan’s Constitutional Debate by Tom Corben
  21. In Memoriam: Brent Scowcroft by James Kelly
  22. The Collapse of Chinese Soft Power by Denny Roy
  23. Forget Decoupling: ‘Collective Resilience’ is the Strategy to Address China’s Challenge by Brad Glosserman
  24. The Evolution of Japan’s Space Strategy and the Japan-US Alliance by Daisuke Akimoto
  25. With Abe’s Departure, What Next for Seoul? by Stephen Noerper
  26. Fighting Covid-19 in Steppes: Mongolian Community-Based Mitigation by Nicholas Millward
  27. Japan’s Quest for a New Security Strategy and the Japan-US Alliance by Hideshi Tokuchi
  28. Comparative Connections Summary- September 2020 Issue
  29. It’s Not About Stuff: Why US-Japan Defense Cooperation Will Grow by John Wright
  30. Will Covid-19 Cost China its ‘World’s Factory’ Title? by Amrita Jash
  31. The West’s Cambodia Dilemma by Kimkong Heng
  32. Mongolians are Paranoid about China, and They Should Be by Denny Roy
  33. Cooling US-Cambodia Relations: The Incentivization Argument and Its Errors by Bradley Murg
  34. China’s Foreign Behavior Warrants Sustained US Countermeasures by Robert Sutter
  35. Industry Cooperation Uplifts Japan’s Cybersecurity—and Maybe the World’s by Mihoko Matsubara
  36. China-Japan Power Play Presents Opportunity for Southeast Asia by Titli Basu
  37. How a Biden Administration Could Restore US Influence in Asia by Amitav Acharya
  38. US-India Ties Under Biden: Robust, but with More Irritants by Vibhanshu Shekha
  39. The Philippine-US Alliance and the Biden Administration: Challenges and Opportunities by Renato Cruz De Castro and Brad Glosserman
  40. Canada-US Relations after Trump: Back to Normal and a Little Bit More By Stephen Nagy and Brad Glosserman
  41. Biden Bids to Reinvigorate the Alliance, but Thai Domestic Politics Looms by Thitinan Pongsudhirak and Brad Glosserman
  42. How to Push Back at China’s Economic Coercion: 10 Demands by Robert Manning
  43. Sliding Toward a Less Orderly World by Ron Huisken
  44. Alliance Noir: A Hard-boiled Approach to Guide the Australia-US Alliance by Ashley Townshend and Brad Glosserman
  45. A US-Japan agenda for the Biden administration by Tetsuo Kotani
  46. Improved Fishing Oversight Complements Taiwan’s Diplomatic Gains – Time to Act Now by Bill Sharp
  47. A New Administration: An Opportunity for Seoul and the US Alliance by Chung Min Lee and Brad Glosserman
  48. How Hong Kong’s National Security Law Erases Its Freedoms by Michael Davis