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PacNet #88 – 2023 PacNet Commentary index

2023 PacNet Commentary index

The comprehensive 2023 index includes each PacNet commentary below. Pacific Forum will continue to publish timely insight and analysis in 2024.

  1. Taking the US-India relationship to the next level by David Santoro and Akhil Ramesh
  2. The Indian Coast Guard, the Quad, a free and open Indo-Pacific by Dr. Pooja Bhatt
  3. The 118th Congress and China policy – Continuity over change in defending America by Robert Sutter
  4. The Japan Coast Guard’s role in realizing a Free and Open Indo-Pacific by Capt. Kentaro Furuya (JCG)
  5. Australia’s Maritime Border Command: Grappling with the Quad to realize a free and open Indo-Pacific by Kate Clayton and Dr. Bec Strating
  6. Comparative Connections Summary: January 2023
  7. Dealing with increased Chinese aggressiveness – PART ONE by Ralph A. Cossa
  8. Dealing with increased Chinese aggressiveness – PART TWO by Ralph A. Cossa
  9. The US Coast Guard: Provide public goods for a free and open Indo-Pacific by James R. Sullivan
  10. The inconvenient trust: Aspirations vs realities of coexistence between “the West” and China by Stephen Nagy
  11. What China’s challenge to NATO is, and what it isn’t by Rob York
  12. It’s up to the National Unity Government to forge “Union Spirit” in Myanmar by Shwe Yee Oo
  13. After China’s Party Congress, steeling for competition with the West by Kim Fassler
  14. South Korea’s Indo-Pacific pivot strategy by David Scott
  15. For India and ASEAN, an opportune reorientation by Dr. Shristi Pukhrem
  16. The world after Taiwan’s fall – PART ONE by David Santoro
  17. The world after Taiwan’s fall – PART TWO by David Santoro
  18. China has a digital grand strategy. Does the president know? by Dr. David Dorman and Dr. John Hemmings
  19. Rare earths realism: Breaking the PRC’s global refining monopoly by Brandt Mabuni
  20. How feminist is Canada’s Indo-Pacific Strategy – PART ONE: The Good by Maryruth Belsey Priebe and Astha Chadha
  21. How feminist is Canada’s Indo-Pacific Strategy – PART TWO: The ‘Needs Improvement’ by Maryruth Belsey Priebe and Astha Chadha
  22. The refresh of the Integrated Review: Putting Britain at the heart of the Atlantic-Pacific world by James Rogers
  23. Japan’s new strategic policy: Three overlooked takeaways by Thomas Wilkins
  24. How to help Korea-Japan rapprochement endure by Rob York
  25. Bangladesh’s remarkable journey and challenges ahead by Md Mufassir Rashid
  26. The UK integrated review and integrated deterrence by Brig Rory Copinger-Symes and Dr. John Hemmings
  27. Why China’s Middle East diplomacy doesn’t herald a new world order by Henry Rome and Grant Rumley
  28. A principled approach to maritime domain awareness in the Indo-Pacific by Ariel Stenek
  29. Toward a resilient supply chain to counter Chinese economic coercion by Su Hyun Lee
  30. Now is the time for a US-Japan-Taiwan security trilateral by Masatoshi Murakami
  31. Time for a shift on the Korean Peninsula by Daniel R. Depetris
  32. Europe’s China confusion does the world a disservice by Brad Glosserman
  33. Myanmar’s Coco Islands: A concern not to be ignored by Shristi Pukhrem
  34. The rise of ISKP in South Asia: A threat to regional stability by Neeraj Singh Manhas
  35. Mekong water usage tests China’s claimed good-neighborliness by Denny Roy
  36. How Biden can make the most of his Pacific Islands trip by Michael Walsh
  37. Comparative Connections Summary: May 2023
  38. EU holds the key to US-China rivalry by Stephen Olson
  39. AUKUS: Enhancing Undersea Deterrence by John Hemmings
  40. Decoding the infrastructure development on Myanmar’s Coco Islands by Shwe Yee Oo
  41. ASEAN unity and the Russia-Ukraine crisis by Shakthi De Silva
  42. Coast Guard cooperation: Heading off a troubling storm? by John Bradford and Scott Edwards
  43. Indo-Pacific middle powers: Rethinking roles and preferences by Alexander M. Hynd and Thomas Wilkins
  44. What happens in Crimea will determine Taiwan’s fate by David Kirichenko
  45. G7 attendance highlights South Korea’s growing stature by Jennifer Ahn
  46. Bangladesh’s Indo-Pacific outlook: A model for maintaining balance by Doreen Chowdhury
  47. Breaking the US-China logjam by Daniel R. Depetris
  48. A work in progress: The Indo-Pacific partnership for maritime domain awareness by Ahana Roy
  49. China’s military engagements with Cuba: Implications of a strategic advance in Latin America by R. Evan Ellis
  50. Despite Blinken’s trip, the US’ slide toward war with China continues by William Overholt
  51. 2023 PacNet Commentary half-year index by Rob York
  52. 2023 Issues & Insights half-year index by Rob York
  53. Washington’s myopia is undercutting its Indo-Pacific partners by Akhil Ramesh
  54. How China sees the Wagner fiasco by Cherry Hitkari
  55. France as an “enhancer of sovereignty” in the Pacific Islands by Antoine Bondaz
  56. Western policy and the Aung San Suu Kyi dilemma by David I. Steinberg
  57. The Biden administration’s pursuit of “collective strategic ambiguity” toward Taiwan by Rupert Schulenburg
  58. Two impediments to US-India ties and how to overcome them by David Santoro
  59. South Korea’s role in Indo-Pacific maritime domain awareness by Jeung Seung Less
  60. Can NAFO’s Ukraine success be extended to Taiwan? by David Kirichenko
  61. Arms control with North Korea? Opportunities and challenges by Hideo Asano
  62. Four key questions for US China Policy by Denny Roy
  63. An AUKUS-Japan-ROK framework for the Indo-Pacific by Jasmin Alsaied
  64. The US-Japan-ROK summit: An impressive first step by John Hemmings and Hanah Park
  65. The developing world needs an alternative to Chinese tech by Tabatha T. Anderson
  66. US policy toward China: Three do’s and a don’t by Ralph A. Cossa
  67. Military challenges for Russia in the Indo-Pacific by Dmitry Stefanovich
  68. The Pacific: Great power politics threatens regional unity by Cherry Hitkari
  69. China preaching autocracy to Africans shouldn’t surprise, but it won’t work by Michael Rubin
  70. Taiwan’s spent nuclear fuel: A burden in a potential Taiwan Strait conflict by Jorshan Choi
  71. To secure US-Japan-ROK gains from Camp David, bring South Korea to the Quad by Joshua Fitt
  72. How to build US-Japan-ROK trilateral cooperation on Taiwan by Daniel Fu
  73. Comparative Connections Summary: September 2023 by Brad Glosserman
  74. Fiji’s management of geostrategic competition in 2023: Scaling back on China? by Henryk Szadziewski
  75. Fiji’s management of geostrategic competition in 2023: How not to choose by Henryk Szadziewski
  76. What US national (dis)unity means for China policy by Dr. Giuseppe Paparella
  77. Stark choices face Taiwan voters—and the future of cross-Strait relations by David Keegan and Kyle Churchman
  78. Why the Korean Reserve Force should emulate the U.S. system by James JB Park
  79. Deceptive Chinese strategies that challenge US economic statecraft by Akhil Ramesh
  80. Splitting the Atom’s Supply Chain by Brandt Kekoa Mabuni
  81. To counter China, the United States seeks a comprehensive strategic partner in Vietnam by Elizabeth Freund Larus
  82. Why Xi Jinping may not be itching for a war with Taiwan by Joel Wuthnow
  83. Navigating proxies and tenuous peace in Rakhine State by Aung Thien
  84. India-Cambodia relations: diversifying diplomacy in an era of flux by Abishek Sharma
  85. Countering complaints about Biden’s China strategy: Lessons from the US Asia-first policy by Robert Sutter
  86. The state of the Indo-Pacific calls for a unified and assertive ASEAN by Ron Huisken
  87. Japan’s wastewater release could bring the region together by Brad Glosserman and Ralph Cossa
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