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PacNote #1 – Reinstitution of PacNotes

Pacific Forum is reinstituting our PacNote format – occasional announcements separate from our normal PacNet commentary and analysis.  PacNotes are intended for the periodic transmission of administrative and organizational information.  This is our first for 2021.

The Genron NPO is an independent, not-for-profit Japanese think tank engaged in Track II diplomacy in Northeast Asia. The Genron NPO works towards creating mechanisms that will contribute to a peaceful environment and establishing rules and principles for stable order in the region.

The Genron NPO is conducting an online survey in which scholars and experts in the US, China, South Korea, and Japan will participate to gauge their opinions on the top risks threatening peace in Northeast Asia. Based on the results of the survey, The Genron NPO will publish its annual report, “Top 10 Risks in 2021 Threatening Peace in Northeast Asia.”

The Genron NPO appreciates your participation and your efforts to complete the survey by 8pm EST on Sunday, February 21. The Genron NPO’s five-minute online survey can be found here.