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PacNote #7 – Pacific Forum Fellowship Opportunities

Pacific Forum is accepting Non-resident applications for the James A. Kelly Korean Studies Fellowship, the Lloyd and Lilian Vasey Fellowship, and the WSD-Handa Fellowship. The deadline to apply is April 30.

Applications were requested for:

Since 2002, Pacific Forum has hosted over 100 resident fellows from 21 countries. Pacific Forum’s fellowship programs offer promising scholars and young professionals the opportunity to serve as researchers with Pacific Forum and develop hands-on expertise on Indo-Pacific policy issues.

Non-resident fellows conduct research from their home country under the mentorship of Pacific Forum staff and affiliates. Learn more about the Pacific Forum’s fellowships here:

The James A. Kelly Korean Studies Fellowship promotes academic study, research, and professional career paths focused on Korean Peninsula studies. It recognizes the exemplary efforts of Jim Kelly to improve US-ROK relations and encourage the DPRK to denuclearize and join the international community of nations. The overall objective of the fellowship is to promote stronger US-ROK relations, plus stable US-DPRK and inter-Korean ties. To apply for the Kelly Fellowship, please complete the Non-resident Kelly Fellowship online application form.

The Lloyd and Lilian Vasey Fellowship program is named after Pacific Forum founder, the late Lloyd R. “Joe” Vasey and his wife Lilian. The Vasey Fellowship affords promising scholars from outside the US the opportunity to serve as researchers at the Pacific Forum and to develop hands-on expertise on US-Asia policy issues and gain an appreciation of Indo-Pacific economic and security affairs and policymaking challenges. To apply for the Vasey Fellowship, please complete the Non-resident Vasey Fellowship online application form.

The WSD-Handa Fellowship Program was established through the generosity of the Worldwide Support for Development and Dr. Handa Haruhisha to increase East Asian, US, and European participation in Pacific Forum programs. WSD-Handa Fellows should already have some knowledge of East Asian security and economic developments and should use this fellowship as an opportunity to take a more in-depth look into these issues and offer solutions for improvement. To apply for the WSD-Handa Fellowship, please complete the Non-resident WSD-Handa Fellowship online application form.

The deadline to apply is April 30, 2022. Required materials include cover letter, CV/resume, research project description, personal bio, and letter of recommendation. For any questions or concerns about Pacific Forum fellowship programs, please contact .