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Sasakawa Peace Foundation 2014 Fellows Conference


– 03/25/2014


Washington, DC


Washington, DC

Conference Papers

Session 1: The Symbolism of Remembering
How countries remember their war dead, both uniformed and civilian, is a sensitive issue. Differing national narratives surrounding the symbolism of remembering continues to create bilateral and regional friction. Are Arlington and Yasukuni really any different? If so, how and why?

Session 2: Shifting the Asia-Pacific geopolitical narrative
Geography doesn’t change but geopolitics do! The 21st Century Japan-US relationship proves it. What is necessary to shift the current Asia-Pacific geopolitical narrative away from conflict and competition towards peace and cooperation? What are the barriers to doing so? What are the risks of not?

Session 1: Shifting Japanese National Security Policy
Tomohiro TANAKA: Proactive contribution to peace
Ayako MIE: Role of the National Security Council

Session 2: Rebalancing the Alliance
Daichi UCHIMURA: Refurbishing the Alliance
Andrew TAFFER: Maritime Cooperation in the Indo-Pacific
Nanae YAMASHIRO: US Military Realignment in Okinawa

Session 3: Securing Arms Control
Stephanie KANG: Three Principles of Arms Control
Kentaro IDE: Industry Cooperation for Export Controls

Luncheon Guest speaker: Kentaro KAIHARA
Counselor, Political Section, Embassy of Japan

Session 4: Non-traditional Security Challenges and Opportunities
LCDR James MORROW: Strengthening Law Enforcement with Intelligence Sharing
Aiko SHIMIZU: Energy Security Cooperation
Manny MANRIQUEZ: TPP: A Strategic Imperative for the US-Japan Alliance

Session 5: Health and Nuclear Security
Dr. Jaime YASSIF: Global Health Security and Nuclear Security
Jonathan Berkshire MILLER: Working Together on Nuclear Security
Dr. Sachi GERBIN: Combating Antimicrobial Resistance

Session VI: Wrap Up

Celebrating the Next-Generation of the US-Japan Alliance Reception
Congressman Randy Forbes and Congressman Steve Chabot
Capitol Hill, Rayburn House Office Bldg.