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Astha Chadha (IND)

Astha Chadha (IND)is a Japanese Government MEXT PhD scholar at Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University and a researcher at the university’s Center for Democracy Promotion. She is a part-time lecturer at Beppu Mizobe Gakuen College, Japan. She holds MSc in International Relations (Ritsumeikan APU), MA in Economics (Jawaharlal Nehru University) and BA (Hons) in Economics (University of Delhi). Her research is focused on India-Japan relations, role of religion in international relations, security and defense analyses of regional powers in the Indo-Pacific, South Asian rivalries, and conflict resolution etc. She has previously published in Global Affairs, International Journal of Religion, Contemporary Japan, South Asian Popular Culture, Ritsumeikan Journal of Asia Pacific Studies, International Social Science Review and has contributed to The Diplomat, Khabarhub, Kootneeti etc.