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PacNet #61 – 2021 PacNet Commentary Index

The comprehensive 2021 index includes each PacNet commentary below.  Pacific Forum will continue to publish timely insight and analysis in 2022.

  1. South Koreans’ Negative View of China is Nothing New, but is Getting Worse by Jaewoo Choo
  2. Comparative Connections Summary: January 2021
  3. Getting China Policy Right by Ralph A. Cossa
  4. 2021: A Year of Immense Frustration in and with Japan by Brad Glosserman
  5. North Korea Doubles Down on a Dead End by Thomas Byrne and Jonathan Corrado
  6. Myanmar’s Military Arrests the Civilian Government—and Democracy by Jonathan T. Chow and Leif-Eric Easley
  7. Pacific Forum Job Announcement by Robert P. Girrier
  8. Rebooting the UN-US Partnership: Global Goals Require Indo-Pacific Focus by Mark S. Cogan and Dr. Stephen Nagy
  9. The Quad’s Future is Tied to Soft Security by Jagannath Panda and Ippeita Nishida
  10. The New US Diplomacy with China: ‘Keep Your Promises’ by Sungmin Cho
  11. The US Indo–Pacific Strategy: Don’t Overlook the Pacific Islands Region by Patrick Dupont
  12. China Policy from Trump to Biden: More Continuity than Change by Eric Feinberg
  13. Women, Peace and Security Under a Biden-Harris Administration (Part One: Participation) by Maryruth Belsey Priebe and Jennifer Howe
  14. Biden vs Trump on China Policy: Similar Substance, but Style Matters by Eric Feinberg
  15. Women, Peace and Security under a Biden-Harris Administration (Part Two: Prevention and Protection) by Maryruth Belsey Priebe and Jennifer Howe
  16. Biden Seeking Middle Ground on China Policy by Robert Sutter
  17. Japan and South Korea’s Alternative Paths in the Indo-Pacific by Andrew Yeo and Kei Koga
  18. Women, Peace and Security Under a Biden-Harris Administration (Part Three: Relief and Recovery) by Jennifer Howe and Maryruth Belsey Priebe
  19. A Moment of Truth (Again) for ASEAN by Ralph A. Cossa
  20. Strengthening Transboundary River Governance is Key to ASEAN Centrality by Satu Limaye and Ross Tokola
  21. Who Kim Jong Un’s “Worst Ever” Declaration was Aimed At by Bruce W. Bennett
  22. Russia and Myanmar: Moscow’s Expanding Influence? by Chris Cheang
  23. How Women, Peace and Security Gives the US and Australia an Edge in the Indo-Pacific by Joan Johnson-Freese and Jacqui True
  24. Comparative Connections Summary: May 2021
  25. US-China Crisis Communications—Thinking Beyond the Air and Sea by Joel Wuthnow
  26. Why Australia Needs an Indo-Pacific National Strategy by Paul Monk
  27. How the ASEAN Regional Forum Can Promote Security and Prosperity by Mohamed Jawhar Hassan
  28. Thanks to COVID and China, the Quad is a Sealed Deal by Amrita Jash
  29. Ideating an India-France-UK Trilateral for the Indo-Pacific by Eerishika Pankaj
  30. “Moderate” Strategies on China Put Necessary Defense Measures at Risk by Robert Sutter
  31. The Structural Limits of the Supply Chain Resilience Initiative by Jagannath Panda
  32. China: The Forgotten Nuclear Power No More by David Santoro
  33. Kim Jong Un’s Failures Could be Washington’s Gain by Daniel Mitchum
  34. Advancing a Rules-Based Maritime Order in the Indo-Pacific by Jeffrey Ordaniel
  35. South Korea’s Military Inferiority Complex Must End by John Lee
  36. 10 Things Every Sailor and Marine Should Know Before Deploying to Southeast Asia: A Regional Primer by John Bradford and Blake Herzinger
  37. Southeast Asia’s Maritime Security Should be a US-Japan Alliance Agenda by John Bradford
  38. Afghanistan: A Strategic Watershed? by Tony Abbott
  39. How Public-Private Cooperation Helped Unlock US Assistance on Agent Orange by Phan Xuan Dung and Charles Bailey
  40. Comparative Connections Summary: September 2021
  41. After the Shock: France, America, and the Indo-Pacific by Bruno Tertrais
  42. Has Washington Found its Feet in Southeast Asia? by Catharin Dalpino
  43. The Quad’s Growing Unity in Rhetoric and Goals by Rob York and Akhil Ramesh
  44. How AUKUS Advances Australia’s Commitment to Collective Defense by Ashley Townshend
  45. False Dawn: The Resumption and Re-ending of the Inter-Korean Hotline by Aidan Foster-Carter
  46. After AUKUS, “present at the creation” in the 21st century by Brad Glosserman
  47. China’s Challenges and Effective Defense: America’s Conundrum by Robert Sutter
  48. New Zealand and AUKUS: Affected without being included by Robert Ayson
  49. Xi Jinping’s top five foreign policy mistakes by Denny Roy
  50. Fold, call, or raise? China’s potential reactions to AUKUS by Yun Sun
  51. What AUKUS means for European security by Marie Jourdain
  52. The Growing Crisis of Illegal, Unreported, and Unregulated Fishing by Peter C. Oleson
  53. What should Washington expect from US-China strategic stability talks? by David Santoro
  54. What AUKUS means for Malaysia’s technological future by Elina Noor
  55. What’s in a word? Calling it “containment” makes a huge difference by Brad Glosserman
  56. America and China: Seeking an Updated Foundation for Enduring Engagement by Ron Huisken
  57. Building on AUKUS to Forge a Pax Pacifica by Henry Sokolski
  58. Why the UK was the Big Winner of AUKUS by David Camroux
  59. “JAUKUS” and the emerging clash of alliances in the Pacific by Artyom Lukin
  60. AUKUS’ short- and long-term implications for Taiwan by Fu S. Mei

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