PacNet #48 – 1999 New Zealand General Election: An Update

The New Zealand General Election held on Saturday 27 November saw the defeat of the center-right National Party (under Prime Minister Jenny Shipley) and election of a center-left government dominated by the Labour Party (Helen Clark) supported by the smaller, left-wing Alliance (Jim Anderton). The result is seen as an end to 15 years of […]

PacNet #47 – U.S.-Japan-Korea: Creating a Virtual Alliance

Much has been written about the U.S.-Japan-China and U.S.-Japan-Russia trilateral relationships and their respective impact on the broader Asia-Pacific security environment. There is, however, another three-way relationship that attracts far less attention but which can have an equally far-reaching impact on regional security. I refer to U.S./Japan relations with the Republic of Korea today and […]

PacNet #45 – The Long March Ahead

At the Fortune Global Forum in Shanghai this past September, President Jiang Zemin called for a China by 2050 that will be “wealthy, strong, democratic, civilised, and socialist”.

PacNet #43 – How to fix the CTBT: One easy step to improve the treaty

However one judges the merits of the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty (CTBT), no one can deny that both the treaty’s defeat in the Senate and the process by which that result was reached have done grave damage. Perhaps the greatest harm was that done to the confidence our friends and allies, our potential adversaries, and […]

PacNet #43A – CTBT Rejection: Who Will Lead Now?

The U.S. Senate’s rejection of the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty (CTBT) last month is not likely to result in the immediate resumption of nuclear weapons tests, either by the U.S. or by anyone else. While the Senate vote has effectively killed any hope for immediate ratification of the CTBT by other significant treaty hold-outs, none […]

PacNet #42 – A Deal with North Korea? Where do we go from here?

With the conclusion of the U.S.-DPRK talks in Berlin in mid-September, the United States averted another potential crisis with the irascible North Koreans. This pattern of negotiation and brinkmanship, dating back to the 1992-94 events that led to the Agreed Framework, has become familiar albeit no less comforting as the outcome in each iteration always […]

PacNet #39 – Challenges for Change in the Japanese Economy

The 1990s can be characterized by the globalization of our economies and societies, which will shape our lives in the years ahead. At present, change is being forced on Japan because of this movement, both from inside by people who realize that change is necessary to benefit from the global age, as well as from […]

PacNet #40 – Comparative Connections Summary

Please consider the second issue of our quarterly electronic journal, Comparative Connections, as PacNet #40. To review Comparative Connections in its entirety, please visit our website at