YL Blog #47 – ROK-U.S.-Japan Defense Cooperation: Focusing on Strategic Communication Elements vis-à-vis the North Korean Nuclear Threat

North Korea under Kim Jong Un’s leadership has remarkably raised regional tension by improving its nuclear war capabilities and strengthening its negotiating leverage. Last year, Pyongyang had launched more missiles than in any other year and its new nuclear law declared its nuclear-weapon state status as “irreversible.” Moreover, since the beginning of this year, it […]

The US & Japan: Allied Against Disinformation: Next Generation Voices Speak

19 September, 2023 @ 12:00 am – Speakers: Jonathan Marek, Project Manager, National Bureau of Asian Research Taro Nishikawa, Master’s Candidate in International Affairs, Hertie School in Berlin Rachel E. Brooks, Project Manager, Microsoft’s Democracy Forward Initiative Ryohei Suzuki, Doctoral Student, Graduate School of Law, Hitsotsubashi University Thomas Ramage, Economic Policy Analyst, Korea Economic Institute of America Key Findings Strategies for Creating […]

YL Blog #46 – US-Japan-ROK Trilateral Dialogue Takeaways: Urgency, Effective Cooperation, and Alignment

This March, I participated in the US-Japan-ROK Trilateral Next-Generation Leaders Dialogue, designed around “Reimagining the Trilateral Partnership for the Future of the Indo-Pacific.” Taking place in Tokyo, Japan, this dynamic event consisted of site visits, discussion panels, and thought-provoking dialogue between attendees from the United States, Japan, and the Republic of Korea. The three-day-long exercise […]

PacNet #75 – Fiji’s management of geostrategic competition in 2023: How not to choose

September 26, 2023 As previously highlighted, the new Fijian prime minister, Sitiveni Rabuka set a new course for Fiji’s domestic and foreign policies, including a seeming turn from China toward so-called traditional allies, such as Australia. However, the new Fijian government has also taken an approach of balancing external power interests that at times appears […]

De-risking semiconductor supply chains

Download the full publication here.   Unlike in other critical supply chains, the US and its partners currently have the edge in innovation and increasingly, production of semiconductors. Whether the US can hold on to its semiconductor supremacy depends on the success of its industrial policy and how quickly Beijing succeeds in domestic industry indigenization. […]

How China approaches military crises and the implications for crisis management

Download the full publication here.   Chapter from China’s Military Decision-making in Times of Crisis and Conflict This chapter examines China’s views of and approach to military crises and discusses the implications for crisis avoidance and management options, especially for the U.S. The following text is excerpted from our partner’s website, where you can read the […]

YL Blog #45 – Integrating Non-Military Instruments of National Power in Southeast Asia and the Pacific

In recent months, two major sub-regions of the Indo-Pacific have become the renewed epicenters for strategic power competition between Washington and Beijing. Officially designated as the “priority theater,” the Indo-Pacific is home to four distinct sub-regions: Northeast Asia, South Asia, Southeast Asia, and the Pacific. While the United States has made considerable diplomatic headway with […]

PacNet #73 – Comparative Connections Summary: September 2023

Comparative Connections Summary: May-August 2023   REGIONAL OVERVIEW Building Partnerships Amidst Major Power Competition BY RALPH COSSA, PACIFIC FORUM & BRAD GLOSSERMAN, TAMA UNIVERSITY CRS/PACIFIC FORUM Major power competition was the primary topic du jure at virtually all of this trimester’s major multilateral gatherings, with Russia’s invasion of Ukraine continuing to serve as a litmus test—a test many […]

Olivia Enos

Olivia Enos will start as Senior Fellow at the Hudson Institute on Oct. 16, 2023. She previously worked as Washington Director for the Committee for Freedom in Hong Kong Foundation, and before that as Senior Policy Analyst for Asian Studies at the Heritage Foundation, where she wrote about international human rights issues including human trafficking, […]