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Olena Guseinova

Ms. Guseinova holds a bachelor’s degree in international relations from Kyiv International University, a master’s degree in security studies from Sogang University and a doctoral degree in international relations from Hankuk University of Foreign Studies. Her particular areas of interest include survival of buffer states, behavioral patterns of rival great powers, evolution and change of […]

Aaron Jed Rabena

Aaron Jed Rabena - Pacific Forum

Aaron Jed Rabena is Senior Lecturer at the Asian Center in the University of the Philippines, Research Fellow at the Asia-Pacific Pathways to Progress in Manila, and a member of the Philippine Council for Foreign Relations (PCFR). He had served as Visiting Fellow at the China Institute of International Studies (CIIS), China Foreign Affairs University […]

Justin Kwan (CAN)

Justin Kwan (CAN)

Justin Kwan (CAN) is a Senior Program Manager at the Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada, a think-tank focused on Canada-Asia relations. At the Foundation, he leads the APEC-Canada Growing Business Partnership, an international development project focused on micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) in the Asia-Pacific. Currently, Mr. Kwan is managing a C$2.31-million expansion of […]

Angela Min Yi Hou (CAN)

Angela Min Yi Hou (CAN) - Pacific Forum

Angela Min Yi Hou (CAN) is a policy analyst working for the Government of Canada. She works on Targeted Regulatory Reviews at the Treasury Board Secretariat as a participant in the Advanced Policy Analyst Program (APAP). She recently completed her Masters in International Affairs at the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies (IHEID) in […]

William A. Stoltz (AUS)

William A. Stoltz (AUS) - Pacific Forum

William A. Stoltz (AUS) is the Policy Director at the National Security College. He is responsible for mobilizing the College’s research and resident expertise to influence and inform current public policy debates. He is also a Visiting Fellow at the Robert Menzies Institute at the University of Melbourne, and an Associate Member of the Centre […]

Moksha Pillai (IND)

Moksha Pillai (IND) - Pacific Forum

Moksha Pillai (IND) is an aspiring Foreign Policy Analyst and master’s Student in International Relations from Amity Institute of International Studies, Amity University, India. She currently work as a Research Intern with the “Kalinga Institute of Indo-Pacific Studies” (KIIPS), “Nepal Institute for International Cooperation and Engagement” (NIICE) and serve as an Online Content Writer for […]

Cherry Hitkari (IND)

Cherry Hitkari (IND) - Pacific Forum

Cherry Hitkari (IND) is a student of Postgraduate Intensive Advanced Diploma in Chinese language at the Department of East Asian Studies, University of Delhi, India. She holds a Bachelor’s (Hons.) in History from Jesus and Mary College, University of Delhi, and a Masters in East Asian Studies with specialization in Chinese Studies from the Department […]