Comparative Connections Virtual Roundtable

13 June, 2022 @ 12:00 am – About This Event On June 13, 2022, Pacific Forum organized a Comparative Connections Roundtable that discussed the impact of the Russian conflict in Ukraine on three flashpoints of the Indo-Pacific. The session was moderated by Rob York (Pacific Forum) and featured Dr. David Keegan (Chinese Studies Program at Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies), […]

Honolulu International Forum featuring Dr. Satu P. Limaye

22 April, 2022 @ 8:00 am – Dr. Satu P. Limaye is Vice President of the East-West Center and the Director of the East-West Center in Washington where he created and now directs the Asia Matters for America initiative and is the founding editor of the Asia Pacific Bulletin. He is also a Senior Advisor at CNA Corp (Center for Naval Analyses). […]

Honolulu International Forum featuring Dr. David J. Keegan

20 April, 2022 @ 9:00 am – Dr. David J. Keegan is adjunct lecturer in the Chinese Studies Program at Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies, where he teaches a seminar on Taiwan and its relations with the United States and mainland China. He is the senior author for the Comparative Connections triannual article on China and Taiwan. He has also […]

Ninth Meeting of the CSCAP Study Group on Nonproliferation and Disarmament in the Asia Pacific

27 July, 2022 – 28 July, 2022 @ 12:00 am – Key Findings USCSCAP and CSCAP Vietnam, with support from the Carnegie Corporation of New York, co-chaired the ninth meeting of the CSCAP Study Group on Nonproliferation and Disarmament (NPD). The meeting took place in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam on July 27-28, 2022. Approximately 30 scholars and officials, including members of Pacific Forum’s Asia-Pacific Affairs Program, […]

PacNet #7 – Dealing with Increased Chinese Aggressiveness – PART ONE

The following are some of the key findings and recommendations from the August 2022 US-Taiwan Deterrence and Defense Dialogue. PacNet 7 provides a summary of the dialogue. The full report, with expanded key findings and recommendations can be found here. Taiwan is under attack by the People’s Republic of China (PRC) politically, economically, psychologically, and […]

PacNote #1 – Announcing New Adjunct Fellows at Pacific Forum

As part of our ongoing commitment to delivering high-quality analysis and programming across the Indo-Pacific region, Pacific Forum is delighted to announce three new adjunct fellows: Elizabeth Freund Larus, Alexander Neill, and Michael Walsh. Each of these three adjunct fellows greatly expand our expertise on subjects crucial to the future of the region as a […]

PacNet #6 – Comparative Connections Summary: January 2023

Comparative Connections Summary: September-December 2022   REGIONAL OVERVIEW Indo-Pacific As the “Epicenter” BY RALPH COSSA, PACIFIC FORUM & BRAD GLOSSERMAN, TAMA UNIVERSITY CRS/PACIFIC FORUM The Biden administration released its long-awaited National Security Strategy (NSS) this trimester, along with unclassified versions of its National Defense Strategy and Missile Defense and Nuclear Posture Reviews. There were no big surprises. The NSS identified the Indo-Pacific […]

2022 Economic Security, Technology Controls and Nonproliferation Workshop

15 December, 2022 @ 12:00 am – Hosted in partnership with the Institute of International Relations, National Chengchi University Key Findings Virtual (Webex) On December 15, 2022 (US) | December 16, 2022 (Asia), the Pacific Forum and the Institute of International Relations at National Chengchi University, with support from Taiwan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, held a virtual workshop on economic security, technology […]

US-Singapore Tech & Innovation Virtual Dialogue #6: The WRAP: US-Singapore Tech & Innovation Dialogue

16 June, 2022 @ 3:30 pm – 4:30 pm – June 16, 2022 (US) | June 17, 2022 (Asia) Pacific Forum’s first ever Twitter Space event reflected upon and showcased the findings of our US-Singapore Tech & Innovation Virtual Dialogue series. Drawing on past speakers from the series, this Twitter Space event revisited the roles of Singapore and the United States in driving technology and innovation amid […]